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Upcoming Lectures; 'The Pleasure Garden'

I will be giving 3 lectures this Spring on 'The Pleasure Garden; Creating Paradise on Earth'

Madrasa  Bou Inania, Meknes, Morocco
This lecture will incorporate images from this winter's travels in Andalusia and Morocco along with places I have visited in other parts of the World, and gardens that I have built that express the idea of manifesting pleasure in the garden, and thus a kind of paradise.  I will discuss the historic role of gardens as a symbol of paradise, and the elements that make it so.  I will then delve in to the decadent elegance that for me makes a garden truly pleasurable, which is ultimately an intimate bond with the wonders of nature.  Lie down on a soft bed with pillows, or better yet take a hot bath surrounded by lush gardens, serenaded by fountains, inhaling divine fragrances, succumbing to visual beauty.  I hope to see you at one of these talk.  Ciao, Jeffrey

March 1  Real Jardin Botanico (Royal Botanical Garden), Madrid, Spain

April 11  San Diego Horticultural Society, San Diego, California

April 14  Southern California Horticultural Society, Riverside, California
sho fia

sho fia

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