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The Purpose Of A Labyrinth Walk

Life is about transformation, growth, expanding possibilities and about discovery. Life is a sacred journey of your continuous vision. Life is about seeing clearly and deeply and learning, facing challenges, stretching your soul and bridging the known and unknown worlds and most of all listening to your intuition. On life's journey you need to find your puzzle piece and shape it into a divine tale of power, wisdom, courage, beauty, love and dignity.

You need to strive to go forward and not backwards. We are all on a path but - do you know what you are meant to be doing? Do you know where you are meant to be? The path that we are all on is a blueprint of the labyrinth. The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that reveals wholeness as well as combines with the picture of the spirals and circles into a meandering yet purposeful path.

For many decades labyrinths have been used as a meditation and prayer tool and represent a spiritual journey to our center and back into the world again. We can walk the labyrinth as this is a metaphor for our life's journey, and allows us to have a direct experience. By walking the labyrinth you will be able to create a sacred space as well as a place that takes you away from your ego to the essence which is within.

Many people become confused as to what the difference is between a labyrinth and a maze. A maze is similar to a puzzle which needs to be solved, due to their being many turns and twists and blind alleys. One requires logic in order to find their way in and out of a maze. A labyrinth has only one path and is universal. The way into the labyrinth is the way out. There are no blind alleys, and the path leads you on a circuitous path to the center of the labyrinth and back our again.

The labyrinth is a right brain activity which involves imagery, creativity and intuition. When you are on a labyrinth journey there is only one choice you need to make - enter or not. You need to have a receptive, passive mindset, and the choice, whether or not to walk a spiritual path is yours. The labyrinth journey will give you an extensive understanding of who you are and where you are going to.

When entering a labyrinth there is no right or wrong way to enter - all you need do is enter and follow the path. A labyrinth walk can encompass several attitudes such as prayerful, thoughtful or joyous. A labyrinth is also used as a walking meditation tool. Before walking a labyrinth you need to choose your attitude.

Changing your attitude is good as you can make it playful or serious. You can pray or recite an incantation, play music, sing and this can be done alone or as a group. The most basic metaphor for walking a labyrinth is that of life's journey. You need to mindful of your life while walking the labyrinth. Envision your life's goal and walk to your destiny and see what you learn. Pay attention to the sights and sounds.
sho fia

sho fia

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