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Administrators of the Wake Memorial Park are embracing technology, not only through the use of GIS mapping, but also by offering QR (quick response) code mobile access to information and expressions relative to a decedent. Through an affiliation with a hosting company, Making Everlasting Memories, LLC, online data storage is maintained for immediate access via a smartphone that interprets a QR code on a small tile.  Two styles are available, either a one-inch-square plate made of ceramic (or porcelain, depending upon the manufacturer) or a slightly larger version in bronze; one can be chosen that blends best with the surface material to which it will be affixed. 

These small, coded plates represent a versatile approach to memorializing, as they can be attached to any items intended to serve as memorabilia. Cemeteries are partnering with companies that provide this service, particularly for the purpose of utilizing tiles attached to headstones and markers.  But clients may choose alternative applications, such as on urns and other pieces, or on keepsakes possibly given to guests at a service.  Codes may also be printed on programs, guest registers, or other paper products.  

Once a family has compiled material, the site can be activated for scanning and public online viewing.  Depending on the selected plan (basic, enhanced, or complete), a wide range of options for customized content includes one or more photos, biographical details, a video, an obituary, a map, links to social networking sites, email notifications, and even a guest book for written messages.  Additional elements, including 500 photos, can be incorporated through purchase of the most inclusive plan.  Plans may vary according to the needs of particular funeral homes that offer them. 

So, thanks to this technology, beyond recognition of a traditional or symbolic item to trigger thoughts of a decedent, one can instantly be connected to his or her distinct persona through this type of data stimulation.  Personalized books with similar content also are available. 

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