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Huh?  Glitter and glam associated with the matter of death?  Who would wrap oneself around that notion? 

Actually, the matter of one’s “self” can be wrapped around a loved one’s neck, wrist, or finger in the form of inexpensive jewelry that shines a symbolic light on the concept of physical connection borne of love.

The crafting for a handmade, one-of-a kind piece begins with the cutting of three or four pieces of glass in identical shapes.  Using tweezers, small ash-like particles of cremated remains are applied to a bottom base of black glass, over which is placed a black-backed dichroic glass in one of varying colors.  This type of glass has a special coating that emits stunning color. Utilization of scrap glass renders each uniquely distinctive, singular composite.  For certain styles, silver plate or nickel plated segments may serve as trim encircling the primary formation, though occasionally more costly sterling silver is used.  The stacked layers of glass become fused together, subsequent to a firing process in a kiln.  As an alternative to a matted surface, the addition of clear glass for the uppermost layer expresses a shinier effect.  Microscopic metallic grains in the colorful dichroic substance promote sparkle, with the image “shattering” when exposed to sunlight. Outdoor light with sunshine awakens the intrinsic sparkle of these artistic pieces. 

Under the moniker of Impressions by Ron, creations materialize in a designated room that serves as a studio within the home of a craftsman who has been producing jewelry since launching the business a few years ago. 

Besides pendants, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, tie tacks, and bolo ties, there are gift items such as bottle stoppers, purse hangers, key finders, and other bedecked items that are fashioned here.

Such products capitalize on the versatility factor that’s often perceived as an advantage of cremation.  If not entirely buried, portions of remains can be distributed or integrated into remembrance tokens.  In this case, only a small amount is needed; about a half-inch of remains in a small, plastic bag is sufficient volume collected for this purpose. 

The tiny bits of physical substance are not visible upon completion of the products.  The decedent’s family is sent documentation certifying identity.

Sales are generated through Etsy and a wholesaler promoting the merchandise, but you are also apt to find Ron at craft fairs, often under a tent in the searing Florida sunshine.  Just look for his sparkle!
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