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Death, as always, continues to be a sad occasion.  But, nowadays, instead of only church bells tolling, the end of life often is broadcast with “bells and whistles.”  Instead of focusing only on aspects of bereavement, mourners are rejoicing in the lives of beloved companions through celebrations, revamped approaches, and unconventional fare.  The modern concept of event planning has infiltrated commemorative affairs.

Anyone who has been wearing blinders in recent years may not have noticed the changing scenarios.  Currently, ecologically conservative cemeteries are sprouting up around the country.  In conjunction, biodegradable products are multiplying in the marketplace like seeds cast to the wind.  The word “retro” aptly applies to advocates who are reclaiming practices of the past by providing funerary care at the hands of loved ones in home settings.   Public awareness programs are alerting folks to organ and tissue donation opportunities; as a result, “recycled parts” are restoring lives and contributing to treatments and scientific discoveries.  The growing prevalence of cremation is engendering creative adaptations and unusual dispersal modes for remains; scattering options along with unique sites abound, as well as means for integration within infinite assortments of decorative and functional items.  New methods for disposal of bodily remains are being unveiled.  Technology is yielding marvelous products that are causing the word “dreary” to be obliterated from perceptions of funerary fare.  The marketplace is bursting with tantalizing memorabilia.  Service providers are individualizing presentations and events with distinctive features.   The field is being transformed by exhilarating forces of change.  It is refreshing.  It is an exciting time to be alive and to participate in this dynamic evolution of death management... even in anticipation of one's own demise.
sho fia

sho fia

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